Enterprise Introduction

Guangzhou Nakin Technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Nakin Technology")was founded in 2002 and began to transform and upgrade in 2013, aiming to become the most influential professional technology service company in China.

Relying on the strong comprehensive strength of United Kingstar Holdings, Nakin Technology has made great efforts to build Nakin Technology Industrial Park, which serves as the flagship model high-tech benchmark park. Nakin Technology focuses on big data, new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, biologica lmedicine, etc. as the IAB key industries. Nakin Technology has established close relationship with the government,investment and financing institutions, consulting services, scientific researching stitutions, etc., to provide technology, marketing, human resources, law service, financial services for different developmental stages of enterprise business, so as to help companies start and grow.

Partners of Nakin Technology include Uniqloud, Kaide venture capital, Zhongtai Securities, Dongfangxinglian Law Firm, Pingan Bank, Guangdong Nanyue Bank and other famous enterprises.

Nakin will help entrepreneurs and entrepreneur realize entrepreneurial dreams by providing all dimensions services and global resources docking, together with domestic entrepreneurs, investors, government, business, etc., . In the future, Nakin Technology will create multiple reproducible hi-tech parks nationally and globally, build a healthy innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere and industry ecosystem, to make contribution to the innovative development and transformation and upgrading of the national economy.

Enterprise Culture

Become the most influential professional technology service company in China.

Innovation, sharing, peer, and win-win.


Provide one-stop innovation service platform for science and technology enterprises.